Data Exploration and Analysis with Prism

Combining data captured onboard and integrations with third-party systems such as voyage management solutions, Prism allows you to stay on top of things and explore opportunities in performance optimization.

What is it?

Prism is an online data analytics platform tailored for ship owners and ship operators. It provides a live map of your fleet, automatically detects port calls and canal passages, breaks down voyages into legs using geo-fences, monitors fuel consumption and sends email notifications when anomalies are detected.

What problem does it solve?

While onboard data acquisition becomes more efficient, it remains challenging to derive value using traditional data analytics tools which often are industry-agnostic. Prism is designed specifically for the maritime industry, providing immediate value for end-users without the need for a time-consuming implementation process.

How does it work?

Prism receives sensor data from the Beambox, our onboard computer, and from integrations with the third-party systems you already use. It then makes this information available in a modern, fast web application that can be accessed from anywhere.

Fuel consumption analysis

Using geo-fences and GPS data, Prism breaks down your voyages into legs and automatically compute fuel consumption for each leg and the whole voyage.

  • Automate fuel consumption accounting

    Avoid the headache of fixing typos from error-prone manual entry for fuel consumption accounting, relying on geo-tagging from the onboard ECDIS or AIS data.

  • Compare apples-to-apples

    Comparing the performance of different vessels on identical short legs as opposed to the whole voyage can provide a clearer picture.

  • Use your own geo-fences

    You can use your own geo-fences to build the voyage legs that make sense for you.

Always in the loop

Prism will send you notifications when a data source is no longer available or when other anomalous conditions are detected, making sure you stay on top of things.

  • In-app notifications

    You can always see the latest notifications directly in Prism.

  • Email notifications

    You can choose to receive emails for the alerts you care about.

EGCS monitoring

If you have installed Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems, also known as scrubbers, to comply with IMO 2020, you can monitor their operations, on/off status, combining geo-location and current fuel consumption.

  • Performance Dashboard

    Get an overview of the uptime status of your scrubbers at a glance.

  • List of Incidents

    For every incident, Prism will compute the duration, distance covered and total fuel consumption by fuel type.

  • Get notified of incidents as they occur

    You can choose to receive an email whenever Prism detects a scrubber is not operational or is being bypassed while consuming high-sulfur fuel.

Performance Targets

You can define context-sensitive, rule-based performance targets that Prism will use to monitor your fleet, automatically detecting any time a vessel misses a target.

  • Email notifications

    Receive an alert any time a performance target has been missed, allowing you or the crew to act early.

  • Collect crew feedback

    Crew members can provide feedback to explain why a performance target has been missed, preserving context and building up organizational knowledge.

“ The dataset stored is well structured, easily interrogated and there even is a suite of visualization & dashboard tools available. ”