“ The Beaverlabs system collects data from vessels spread around the world, and puts information at our fingertips. It brings data that would not typically be preserved, giving us ownership of what would otherwise be lost - a strategic asset. ”

What is your data acquisition strategy?

Ship owners and ship operators face increasing regulatory and competitive pressure to monitor and improve many operational areas, stressing the need for a coherent and flexible data acquisition strategy.

  1. What are your business objectives?
  2. What data do you need?
  3. How will it be captured?
  4. How will it be processed?
  5. Is it future-proof?
  6. Is it impacting your decision-making process?

Automated Data Acquisition with the Beambox

The Beambox is a fanless rugged industrial computer installed onboard that provides a single point of integration for aggregating ship data from any data source available in a reliable, secure and efficient manner.

As a data acquisition solution with remote-upgrade capabilities, it provides a flexible and future-proof foundation that can be leveraged to feed onshore data analysis pipelines as well as power edge analytics onboard.

  • Adapts to your environment

    The Beambox connects to onboard data sources (e.g. ECDIS, VDR, AMS, flow and torque meters) using industry standard interfaces. Each individual signal (e.g. speed over ground) can then be sampled at a configurable frequency, making sure we capture the data that matters to you.

  • Always improving

    Over-the-air upgrades ensures your fleet is receiving the latest features even after deployment.

  • Your ship, your data

    We view data ownership as essential to modern business strategies. That's why core to our vision is ensuring customers own their data and can always access it just as it was captured on the vessel using our web API.

Data Exploration and Analysis with Prism

Combining data captured onboard and integrations with third-party systems such as voyage management solutions, Prism allows you to stay on top of things and explore opportunities in performance optimization.

  • Live Fleet Dashboard

    Get an overview of your fleet at a glance. What is the latest ETA? What is the next port call? Answer those questions quickly with the Live Fleet Dashboard.

  • Voyage analysis

    Using geo-fencing, Prism automatically breaks down voyages into legs, allowing you to get a fine-grain view of how your ships are performing.

  • Receive alerts about your fleet

    Prism monitors what matters to you and will send you email alerts based on your preferences.

Your partners on the journey to digitalization

We partner with Hermont Marine to build a hardware and software solution customized to your fleet, supported globally, fitting old and new vessels alike.